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He Said What?!

Apr 30, 2018

He Said What Episode 18 features an anonymous full time "Sugar Baby" from 

On this episode, there is no topic off limits. We discuss getting paid for sex by sugar daddies, drawing the line between transaction and romance, role playing, being submissive to "dom daddies", and much more.


Apr 23, 2018

He Said What Episode 17 features Niko Zucchero, a trans woman, and our good friend Hannah (featured on the episode Naughty Bi Nature). On this episode, discuss the challenges of being a trans woman in society, hilarious sex stories, dating (pre and post-transitioning). 

We play a hilarious round of "Fuck, Kill, Marry"...

Apr 23, 2018

He Said What Episode 16 features Corinne Fisher, Comedian, Writer, and Podcast Co-Host of Guys We F****d and Two Less Lonely Girls. On this episode, we discuss epic catcalling stories, whether or not there is such a thing as "someone being out of your league", and being on the same page as your ex. We also play a juicy...

Apr 9, 2018

Episode 15 of He Said What features comedians, Harrison Tweed and Remy Kassimir. On this episode, we discuss how Remy finally came (YAS), sex addiction, sex story time, and a hilarious new game we call "Who Did the Accent Better?"

Apr 2, 2018

He Said What Episode 14 features Alex Fine, CEO, and Founder of the sex toy company Dame Products, and who was also featured in Forbes 30 Under 30. On this episode, we discuss sexual curiosity, sex toys, masturbation, and another weekly round of "Would You Rather"